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The Bar with a Salad 

Have healthy meals, snacks, and party platters with Salad Bar. Choose the fruits and veggies to go in your salad platter. We deliver around Makati. 

SaladBar started from the humble dreams of two high school friends who have decided to put up their own business after realizing the lack of healthy food choices in offices. Having worked in corporate offices themselves, they saw that more and more people are getting seriously ill each year because of unhealthy food choices and stress. The partners decided to put up a food cart where office workers can buy fruits, vegetables, and other healthy food options but with a twist. 

Usually, most people have the mindset that healthy food are not delicious. There are times that pre-packed salads and healthy meals include other ingredients that one does not like. With this, the partners decided to have the customers choose their own fruit, vegetable, and healthy choices that will suit their liking so that eating healthy food can also give pleasure to their palates. 

The partners are clear in their mission. In making healthy food choices available, one singular thing is in their mind, which is to provide the best food quality to their customers. To deliver this, the products have to undergo high standards of sourcing, selecting, storing, setting up, and serving. This will ensure that the office workers will have access to nothing but the best healthy food choices. 

With this, SaladBar started its operations in 2013 at the food court of PBCom Tower. This was followed by several more branches across the different food courts in Makati, thereby providing more and more office workers the access to quality healthy food choices.Although the company is relatively young, its passion to continue the mission to help improve the quality of life of the professionals through the company’s product offering. 

It also continues to reach its vision of being the nationwide leader in providing healthy food selections for professionals through our retail stores, distribution channels, and corporate programs.